when love comes

when love comes into your life follow your bliss. open your heart even if it harms you. abandon yourself to this feeling of going higher.

when love speaks, listen and trust the path. everything is always going the right way. and most of the time you realize it connecting the dots looking backwards.

living on the road to love is definitely not peaceful. because you go back to your roots, you are forced to see what you’re still trying to hide.

but love never lies.

love plays with you so that you take life as a game. but if you fear the love, if you fear the truth, looking for pleasure and passion only, you lose the essence of life.

accept the pain, accept to be vulnerable. you can only rise from a place of no judgement. and acceptance. accept where you are, accept WHO you are. believe that you are beautiful.

and listen to that inner voice, it will guide you.

© All rights reserved – Claire Poncet.


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